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Massa Organics Whole Grain Brown Rice

Massa Organics

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Brown rice is garnering a lot of attention these days - people seem to be searching for ways to squeeze every "whole food" into their diet possible.  We've always thought that delicious was far more important than healthy and this brown rice is a perfect example of a food that achieves the balance. It's the miracle of the food system, and the human body, that the health benefits of some foods simply cannot be emulated by supplements and vitamins.  The interaction of some foods in the body create even more healthful results!  Beans and rice, for example.

This lovely brown rice is grown in a valley around the Sacramento River by a family whose passion is rice - organic, sustainably-grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO rice...a surprisingly hard thing to find these days.

Yes, brown rice takes some time to cook.  We've played around with all the different methods - parboiling ahead of time, baking in the oven, pre-soaking - none seem to create a result equal to that achieved from showing a little patience. Follow the directions on the bag - the Massa family knows a thing or two about rice.

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