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Rata Honey from Airborne Honey

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Full-Bodied Monofloral Honey from New Zealand

Airborne’s Rata Honey is the essence of New Zealand’s South Island in a jar. Honey bees have to pollinate about two million flowers to make one pound of honey, so you literally taste millions of flowers in one jar of honey. This golden-hued honey is sweet, but not cloying, with subtle herbal notes of eucalyptus and warm aromas of vanilla. Rata Honey is creamed—a process that uses gentle stirring to break down the honey’s large natural sugar crystals into tiny crystals less than 25 microns big—resulting a silky, smooth spreadable texture.

Rata Honey is equally delicious in both sweet and savory preparations—use in baking, drizzle over your morning yogurt or add to your favorite meat marinades and vinaigrettes. For a honeyed treat, make your own kettle corn at home—whisk together 2 tablespoons each of melted unsalted butter and Rata Honey, toss with freshly popped popcorn and garnish with a sprinkling of Maldon salt.

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Airborne Honey
New Zealand
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