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Radicchio Jam from Mimi’s Confitures

Mimi's Confitures

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Good Food Award-Winning Savory Jam made in San Francisco, California

This new, award-winning jam from Mimi's Confitures is reminiscent of warm evenings spent outside by the BBQ serving steaks alongside grilled radicchio drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Now imagine all that flavor packed in a 14 ounce jar (sans steak, of course)!

To make this unique condiment, Mimi's Confitures starts with piles of locally-grown, Bay Area radicchio, roasting it to caramelized perfection and then cooking it down with onion, extra virgin olive oil, red wine, balsamic vinegar and a touch of amaretto and honey. While roasting the radicchio tames its bitterness, this bold jam (well it's actually more like a chunky spread) still packs a tangy bite, yet the addition of balsamic vinegar, amaretto and honey provides a balancing sweetness.

Recreate backyard BBQ memories and serve warmed Radicchio Jam alongside a grilled T-bone steak or atop hamburgers. Dress fancy grilled cheeses of Antique Gruyère and Comté with a slathering of this potent savory jam. Smoked mozzarella makes a delightful pairing for Radicchio Jam when piled on a pizza, or, you can also include it on cheese or charcuterie platters.

Mimi's Confitures Radicchio Jam won a 2016 Good Food Award, just as their Onion Jam did several years ago. Both of these savory jams make a special hostess gift or unusual ingredient to gift.

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Mimi's Confitures
United States
San Francisco, California
14 ounces

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