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Radicchio & Onion Jam Duet from Mimi’s Confitures

Mimi's Confitures

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Good Food Award-Winning Savory Jams made in San Francisco, California

Go savory instead of sweet with this impressive and unusual hostess gift. This duet of savory vegetable jams from Mimi's Confitures, will be appreciated by home cooks and chefs alike. Bring along to your next BBQ to serve as condiments for steaks, burgers and pork. Or, use both for creating cheese and charcuterie platters or the ultimate grilled cheese.

To make Mimi's Confitures Radicchio Jam, piles of locally-grown, Bay Area radicchio are roasted to caramelized perfection and then cooked down with onion, extra virgin olive oil, red wine, balsamic vinegar and a touch of amaretto and honey. This strong jam packs a tangy bite, yet the addition of balsamic vinegar, amaretto and honey provides a balancing sweetness.

One taste of California-made Onion Jam from Mimi Confitures and you will want to put this sweet and savory condiment on just about everything. This big, bold onion jam pairs sweet onions with tangy sherry vinegar, red wine and a touch of cassis, a French black currant liqueur.

Mimi's Confitures Radicchio and Onion Jams have each won a Good Food Award. Now that's saying something, isn't it? 

Buying the duet of Mimi's Confitures Savory Jams saves you 10%.

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Mimi's Confitures
United States
San Francisco, California
Two jars, 14 ounces each