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White Quinoa from Rancho Gordo

Rancho Gordo

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Sustainably-Sourced Heirloom Quinoa

White Quinoa—from Rancho Gordo, longtime champions of preserving indigenous New World grains & legumes (and in quinoa's case, seeds)—is truly a super food. It is a complete protein, gluten-free and high in magnesium, iron, phosphates and fiber . . . plus, it tastes great!

Steve Sando—founder of Rancho Gordo and New World ingredient aficionado—has spent a lot of time in South America, scouting growers of this Andean crop. He works with a cooperative of small farmers in Bolivia to get the best, hand-harvested quinoa in the world. When cooked, this gluten-free seed is fluffy and light in texture with a nutty, mild taste that absorbs flavor beautifully.

How to use

Rancho Gordo’s White Quinoa is fantastic in soups, sautés and salads—add it to curried red lentil soup, sauté it with a mess of finely chopped peppers or make it into a refreshing salad with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, mint and parsley.

We also love cooking up a big batch and keeping it on hand for a week’s worth of healthy meals. For breakfast, reheat cooked quinoa in some milk and top with brown sugar, chopped dried fruit or whatever fresh fruit is in season. Enjoy it for lunch in a “grain” bowl topped with chopped vegetables and your favorite dressing. And to top of your day enjoy quinoa-stuffed peppers, tossed with roasted vegetables and Calivirgin Basil Olive Oil or on its own as an easy dinner side.

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