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Soft (Morbido) Pistachio Torrone from Antica Casa Faccio

Antica Casa Faccio

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Soft Italian Nougat with Pistachios

For 150 years, Antica Casa Faccio has been producing authentic torrone from fresh, local ingredients. New to our holiday nougat selection is Antica Casa Faccio's Soft Pistachio Torrone. This marshmallow-like torrone is chock full of 45% pistachio nuts. Traditionally served after meals with dried fruits, mixed nuts, and dessert wine or espresso, torrone will complete your celebration perfectly.

Made in the small town of Cassinasco south of Torino, this torrone is exclusively available in the US at Maurizio Cerrato makes each batch by hand and the true artistry is evident in every bite.

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Antica Casa Faccio
6 ounces