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Pink Lentils (Lentillons de la Champagne) from Louise Bon

Louise Bon

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Traditional French Lentils Grown in Champagne

Lentillons de la Champagne—named after the French region they're produced in—are grown in limestone-rich soil, imbuing them with a nuanced earthiness and minerality.  These French lentils are beloved by home cooks and chefs across the country for their pale rosé color, subtle nuttiness, delicate flavor and ability to retain their shape after cooking.

How to use

This past February, when we had the pleasure of meeting fifth generation owner of Louise Bon, Sandrine Simonnot, we asked her what her favorite way to enjoy her family's Lentillons de la Champagne was. Her answer? Simmered simply in unsalted water—preserving the lentils' natural earthy, nutty flavor—and then finished with a generous pour of good olive oil and flaky salt. These oil-dressed lentils can be served as a side or used as a base for warm lentil salads using whatever seasonal produce you have on hand.

In French cooking, lentils are often paired with rich meats like duck and pork, but we love these pink lentils with fish and seafood. The delicate flavor of the lentils pairs beautifully with rich, silky salmon in our recipe for Herby, Slow-Roasted Salmon with Lentils & Leeks.

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Louise Bon
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