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Pâtes de Fruit from Paris Caramels

Paris Caramels

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Traditional Fruit Jelly Candies from France

Like candied fruit and jam, pâte de fruits were first created to preserve the bounty of a product that was only available for a short time. The hand-selected fruit is puréed and cooked briefly with sugar and just a bit of natural pectin to lock in the freshness and create a gorgeous jelly packed with concentrated fruit flavor. Once the jelly is set, it's cut into perfect squares and coated in coarse sugar.

We're not ones to make excuses around dessert…we think we've earned it. But if you need one, consider these numbers: a single black currant pates de fruits contains 58 black currants from Burgundy! When you sink your teeth into a square of apricot, you're eating one whole fresh apricot from the Drôme. And if it's raspberry, you're enjoying 8 fresh berries from Picardy.

While we love cakes, pies and ice cream, sometimes a plate of candies and cookies is our preferred way of ending a meal. Prepare a plate of caramels,  pates de fruits, chocolates and a few toasted nuts to pass around the table. Your guests may pocket a few, but that's a small price to pay.

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Paris Caramels
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