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Panettone Mandorlato with Almond Nougat from Pasticceria Filippi

Pasticceria Filippi

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Italian Christmas Cake with Almond Torrone

Make your holiday dessert plate a little extra special this year with Pasticceria Filippi’s  newest offering: Mandorlato (Almond Nougat) Panettone. This yuletide treat begins with the family's irreplaceable yeast starter—which has been carefully preserved for over 40 years (that's what gives this cake it's tender crumb)—plus free-range eggs, real Bourbon vanilla and fresh butter.

Here's where it gets extra festive—pieces of almond nougat are folded into the dough, melting into the panettone as it bakes. The result? A fragrant, sweet aroma of almonds perfuming the whole cake and a honeyed sweetness that'll enchant bite after bite.

How to use

Enjoy this true Italian artisan tradition after the Christmas meal with a glass of dessert wine or some bubbly. Easily savored next to dishes of mixed nuts, dried fruit, torrone and other holiday confections. Warm it up in the oven on high temp for a few minutes and serve with sweetened mascarpone, a scoop of vanilla gelato, or shower with powdered sugar.

Have leftovers? No problem. Make some post-Christmas French toast or use Rolando Beramendi’s silky, custardy bread pudding to really wow your tastebuds.

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Pasticceria Filippi
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