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Fig & Dark Chocolate Panettone from Colavolpe

Nicola Colavolpe

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Calabrian Fig & Chocolate Christmas Cake

Nicola Colavolpe's take on the traditional Italian Christmas cake is pure luxury. The light and delicate cake is studded with Colavolpe's famous figs from Calabria and shards of deep, dark chocolate. Then the top of the rich loaf is adorned with toasty hazelnuts.

This giant cake easily feeds 8–10 people and keeps well once opened. After the holiday meal, serve slices of Fig & Chocolate Panettone with whipped cream or mascarpone whisked with hazelnut liqueur. Add glasses of sparkling wine for an extra festive finish. Then keep up the holiday decadence by making panettone French toast with the leftovers. Just imagine those sweet plump figs and melty chocolate in a rich, eggy batter...

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Nicola Colavolpe
1000 grams

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