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Organic Spanish Piparra Peppers from Aintzia Farms

Aintzia Farms

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Pickled Green Peppers from Spain's Basque Country

The piparra pepper (also known as the guindilla chili) is a traditional pepper of Spain's Basque country, the region located on the Northern coast of Spain, just bordering France. This popular pickled pepper is found in tapas restaurants all over the area, from skewered with meats and cheeses to used as a garnish for toasts piled with angulas (baby Spanish eels). 

Aintzia Farms—located in Usurbil, just outside of San Sebastian—is run by Ibon Labaien and his father who are dedicated to sustainably growing and pickling organic piparra peppers. While the conventional method of preserving these peppers uses denatured red wine vinegar (resulting in a bitter pepper); the Labaiens pickle their peppers with organic white wine vinegar, allowing the pepper's natural sweetness to take center stage. Their piparras are piquant with a bright vegetal flavor and delicate crunchy texture. 

How to use

These petite peppers make a festive addition to any tapas spread, cheese plate or charcuterie platter. Looking for some tapa-spiration? Here are 3 ideas for easy tapas with Aintzia Farms's piparra peppers:

  • Skewer on top of crostini topped with Family Reserve Bonito del Norte Tuna
  • Create a mouthwatering platter of pintxos (Basque small plates): skewer pipparas with thick slices of smoky Spanish chorizo and cubes of young Manchego cheese
  • Use as a garnish for pimentón-spiced Spanish-Style Tuna Deviled Eggs

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