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Organic Chickpeas from Casa Corneli

Casa Corneli

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Traditional Italian Ceci Beans from Umbria

Chickpeas—also known as ceci beans—are a staple in Italian cooking (Pasta e Ceci, anyone?). The ones from Casa Corneli capture what a chickpea should taste like: nutty, delicately earthy with a supple silky texture.

How to use

Cook a big pot of chickpeas and use them to whip up meals on the fly all week long. These Italian garbanzo beans shine in simple preparations—drizzled with good extra virgin olive oil and garnished with crystals of fleur de sel, puréed into a luscious soup (we're partial to the one from our friend Elizabeth Minchilli) or sautéed with greens and pork in the classic Tuscan dish Ceciata di Suino.

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Casa Corneli
400 grams (14.1 ounces)