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Olio Verde Limone Olive Oil

Gianfranco Becchina

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Sicilian lemons are some of the most prized in all of Europe. So when Gianfranco Becchina decided to use the lemons growing on the property that's home to the Nocellara olives of Olio Verde, well, we were on board in a hurry.

Fans of Olio Verde, of which there are many, will instantly recognize the aroma out of the bottle...bold, minty and grassy. The flavor of the Sicilian lemons is a perfect compliment to the inherent citrus quality of the oil itself. It is wonderful over shellfish, like broiled shrimp or steamed lobster (skip the butter!). But the best, and of course, most simple way to enjoy this is over grilled/roasted vegetables - asparagus, fennel, fava beans, brussels sprouts or anything fresh and vibrant.

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Gianfranco Becchina
250 ml

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