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Mole Poblano Paste from Hernán


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Authentic Spicy & Chocolaty Mexican Mole Sauce

The origins of Mexico's mole sauce are said to date back to Colonial times. It has been told that during the late 17th century a group of nuns in Puebla were surprised with an unexpected visit from an archbishop. Upon scrambling to prepare a meal for him, they gathered the only ingredients available in their kitchen; dried chiles, chocolate, bread, nuts and spices, and whipped up a thick sauce to serve over roasted wild turkey. It turns out the archbishop was impressed, and thus the tasty and complex sauce was born. Holy mole!

Hernán's Mole Poblano Paste, which hails from Central Mexico, is a harmonious blend of chiles and spices tempered by the infusion of nuts and chocolate. Simply combine and heat Mole Poblano Paste with broth or water to create a deliciously complex yet well balanced chocolaty spicy sauce. Pour the mole sauce over chicken, grilled vegetables, shrimp or tacos. Or, try using Mole Poblano Paste as a rub for BBQ.

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