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Lapsang Souchong Tea by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Tea Type: Black

Flavor: Lapsang Souchong is a well-balanced black tea with rich, woodsy notes and subtle aromas of smoke.

Drink this tea with: The delicate smokiness of this French tea pairs fantastically with rich meats and wild game, such as with duck confit, pâtés or pork rillettes.

Cooking with tea: Create a flavorful poaching liquid for chicken and game - combine lightly brewed tea with a couple pieces of star anise, a cinnamon stick and a knob of fresh ginger.

Words from Mariage Frères house: “The most refined of smoky teas–its long, uniformly handsome leaves are carefully smoked over rare wood in a traditional manner. A rich yet subtle tea for daytime.”

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Mariage Frères
100g tea tin (loose leaf)