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Manuka Flower Honey from New Zealand

The flowering manuka plant—a member of the myrtle family of trees—is known for its antibacterial, sedative and medicinal properties. Airborne Honey’s Manuka Honey—containing at least 70% manuka pollen—is rich, full-bodied honey with notes of treacle and molasses with a slight bitterness and subtle aromas of ginger. Their Manuka Honey is creamed— a process that uses slow stirring to break down the honey’s large natural sugar crystals—creating a thick, spreadable honey with a consistency similar to softened butter.

Manuka Honey’s not-too-sweet character plays well in savory dishes—add it to marinades for chicken and pork, use as a glaze for baked ham or drizzle over roasted root vegetables seasoned with spicy dukkah. Or on the sweeter side, swirl this herbal honey through Greek yogurt and top with roasted figs and chopped pistachios, make your own sweet n’ nutty granola bars or simply slather on a warm scone with butter.

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Airborne Honey
New Zealand
500 grams

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