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Majestic Lime and Ginger Blue Tea by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Young Oolong Tea flavored with Lime and Ginger

Hey, I've heard of black, green and red tea, but what is blue tea?

Blue tea is made from young Oolong tea leaves that are lightly fermented. The flavor is somewhere between green and black tea— it's fragrant and crisp with a satisfying rounded depth that's perfect for any time of the day. As the tea steeps, the tightly rolled buds unfurl and tea turns a deep navy hue.

Tea type: Blue tea (oolong)

Flavor: Bright, vibrant and zippy, Mariage Frères Majestic Lime & Ginger packs a punch of flavor. Sweeping aromas of lime zest delight at first sip, opening to a bold citrus taste and a spicy ginger finish.

Drink this tea with: The fragrant citrus notes of the tea pair beautifully with fatty fish like salmon. Enjoy hot or chilled alongside a rice bowl topped with slow-roasted salmon, lightly pickled cucumbers and herbs.

Cooking with tea: Grind with a spice grinder and add a tablespoon of finely ground tea to the sugar and salt mix to cure salmon for gravlax.

Words from Mariage Frères: "A composition of blue tea and the wonderfully paired notes of lime and ginger. The round body of the tea is illuminated by seductive, sparkling notes of intense flavour.

A fresh tea, dynamic and absolutely majestic."

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Mariage Frères
100 grams (3.5 ounces)