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Lebkuchen Cookie Winter Gift Tin from Leckerlee


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Traditional German Gingerbread Cookies in Decorative Tin

Lebkuchen (pronounced leyb-koo-kuh n) are a centuries-old German treat traditionally baked and shared with family and friends during the winter holidays. Leckerlee Lebkuchen are inspired by the classic Nuremberg-style cookies, which are known for their high nut content, the addition of marizpan, warm winter spices, candied citrus peel and the signature "oblate" wafer on the bottom (psst, the wafer is edible).

These cookies are the crème de la crème of gingerbread cookies with rich, deep notes of ginger, cinnamon and pieces of candied orange and citron. The texture is somewhere in between a cookie and a cake that enchants bite after bite. 

This sweet gift tin—decorated with bright blue and white snowflakes—is filled with five lebkuchen cookies (each weighing over 3 ounces and 4" in diameter): 3 of Sandy's traditional almond-topped cookies and 2 of her chocolate-covered lebkuchen.

Enjoy alongside a cup of Mariage Frères Esprit de Noël tea, European drinking chocolate from KL Keller Foodways or Highwire Roasters Coffee.

About the producer

Based in New York City, Leckerlee has been baking Nuremberg-style lebkuchen  since 2011. One of the only companies in the United States specializing in these traditional German cookies, Lecklerlee makes all their cookies by hand in small batches, using the highest quality ingredients and time-honored traditions. And, just as in true German tradition, they only baked these treasured treats during the winter season.

Leckerlee was founded by Sandy Lee after 2.5 years in Berlin, where she first encountered lebkuchen at a Christmas market. She became obsessed with learning how to make it and spent over a year perfecting a recipe before moving back to NYC to start Leckerlee. The company’s name is a play on the German words for delicious/treat and Sandy's surname.

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United States
New York City
One pound (5 assorted cookies)