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Italian Sea Fennel Mayonnaise (Maionese di Paccasassi) from Rinci


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Vegan Mayonnaise Flavored with Sea Fennel

What is sea fennel?

Sea fennel—known as paccasassi in the local Ancona dialect—is an aromatic succulent plant traditionally eaten in the eastern Italian region of Marche. These sea-loving plants have tender stalks and delicate elongated leaves with a unique subtle marine flavor.

About Rinci Sea Fennel Mayonnaise (Maionese di Paccasassi)

Luca, Francesco, and Alessandro, founders of Rinci, collaborate with local farmers to organically cultivate this regional favorite. To make their maionese di paccasassi, the sea fennel shoots are hand-harvested in late spring and blended with a vegan mayonnaise made with a mix of extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil. While egg-free, Rinci's sea fennel mayo is rich and creamy with a luscious, silky mouthfeel and a nuanced salinity and brininess. A touch of lemon juice adds a zing of brightness and acidity.

How to use

Italian Sea Fennel Mayonnaise from Rinci is stunning with fish and seafood. Use as a dip for fried fish, fritto misto (mixed fried seafood) or poached shrimp. Serve as a condiment for roasted whole fish like branzino. Or, for an elegant and easy appetizer, dollop on top of halved soft boiled eggs (we boil ours for 7 minutes) and garnish with trout roe.

More Info

130 grams (4.6 ounces)

Customer Reviews

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disappointing flavor and body

It says "Sea Fennel Vegan Mayonnaise" on the label, but on the actual ingredient label it says "may contain Fish." It also has sugar and modified corn starch along with other artificial thickeners. I am a vegan so I only tasted it and it's not special. I also gave another jar to my foodie fish-loving friend and she found it uninteresting in flavor and texture (sorry to be so negative but I wish I knew).