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French Pink Lentil Flour from Louise Bon

Louise Bon

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Farine de Lentillons de la Champagne

Lentillons de la Champagne—named after the French region they're produced in—are grown in limestone-rich soil, imbuing them with a nuanced earthiness and minerality.  These French lentils are beloved by home cooks and chefs across the country for their pale rosé color, subtle nuttiness and delicate flavor.

To make their farine de lentillons, the lentils are ground into a fine flour. Use in gluten-free pasta making and wheat-free baking (we love it in quick breads). Or, it makes a delightfully crunchy batter for fried foods of all kinds—from fish and shrimp to vegetables and fritters.

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Louise Bon
500 grams (1.1 pounds)