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Espresso Powder from Medaglia d'Oro

Medaglia d'Oro

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Boost Flavors with Instant Espresso Powder

Ever wonder what makes your favorite chocolate dessert taste extra chocolatey? Chances are it's a magical ingredient long-coveted by professional bakers and pastry chefs: Instant Espresso Powder.

This flavor-fantastic powder starts with high-quality espresso beans that are carefully roasted, ground, brewed and dried. Presto! Rich, robust powder with bold concentrated coffee flavor that adds instant depth and complexity to both sweet and savory dishes.

How to use

This fine powder dissolves beautifully into cakes, custards, buttercreams or mousses. Coffee has the uncanny ability to enhance chocolate flavor, so even if you're making a brown, chocolate cake, or truffle recipe that doesn't call for it, throw in a spoonful of espresso powder and get ready to be amazed! Read our 5 favorite ways to use Espresso Powder from Medaglia d'Oro.

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Medaglia d'Oro
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