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Dried Shallots from Albert Ménès

Albert Ménès

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Dehydrated Shallots from France

With their milder, sweet onion flavor, these French dried minced shallots add a touch of elegance to spice rubs, herb mixes and more. Use Albert Ménès échalotes séchées in place of dehydrated onions in any recipe. We love using them to flavor meatballs, hamburgers, salad dressings and dips.

About the producer

Founded in 1921, Maison Albert Ménès has been distributing fine grocery products, founded on quality and authenticity, in France for almost 100 years. After traveling in the French navy, Albert Ménès—a native of Brittany, France—had a dream of bringing Parisians the Breton flavors of his childhoods, as well as the flavors of his travels.

Now, Maison Albert Ménès works with small crafters and farmers across France, distributing over 400 traditional products that highlight the best of regional French ingredients. Stock your kitchen with classic spice blends like Persaillotte and Herbes de Provence to jams and condiments like Drôme garlic purée, Périgord walnut kernels and Mirabelle plum jam.

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Albert Ménès
50 grams (1.76 ounces)