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Crystallized Whole Roses

Fresh Origins

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Preserved in their natural state, these whole roses are simply coated in sugar and then dried. Add a sophisticated touch to wedding cakes, tortes and pavlovas. Or, use to decorate appetizer platters, savory dishes like lamb tagine, or even float a rose in a champagne flute! These flowers are delicate and edible, but they don't taste like much more than sugar. The roses will arrive in a selection of soft colors, such as peach, lavender, pink, red, yellow, orange and purple and can range in sizes from one to 3 inches wide.   

About Fresh Origins:
David Sasuga has been growing microgreens and edible flowers from his farm near San Diego since 1995. Today, his daughter Kelly helps run the family business, which is certified for food safety, boasts excellent sustainable farming practices and takes good care of its employees. David’s imagination and passion for innovation have also led to the development of unique products like the Fresh Origins herb and flower crystals.

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