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Cold Pressed Quince Syrup from Pojer e Sandri

Pojer e Sandri

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Syrup Made with 100% Italian Quince, No Added Sugar

Pojer e Sandri's quince syrup starts with estate-grown quince, harvested at peak ripeness during the cooling days of autumn. The fruit is cold pressed and the resulting juice is then reduced using a unique vacuuming process. This one-of-a-kind technique results in a thick, concentrated syrup that captures the essence of the fruit. It's luscious and pourable with a tannic tartness, just enough sweetness and notes of plum, molasses and pine.

How to use

Pojer e Sandri's Cold Pressed Quince Syrup makes a wonderful addition in both sweet and savory dishes. Drizzle over slices of creamy cheesecake, panna cotta or vanilla gelato. Whip a couple teaspoons into lightly sweetened whipped cream and dollop on top of cakes of all kinds, from angel's food and polenta cake to orange-scented olive oil cake.

On the savory side, use a tablespoon to finish pan sauces for pork, chicken and wile game. Or, brush over a pork roast during the last few minutes of cooking. When the weather grows warmer, we can't wait to pour this over grilled stone fruit topped with creamy burrata and flaky sea salt.

This quince syrup is also a bartender's best friend. Use in a variety of cocktails (we love it in gin-based ones) or add a small spoonful to a glass of sparkling wine for an effortless libation. For an alcohol-free beverage, try mixing a teaspoon of two of quince syrup with a splash of Pojer e Sandri's Quince Vinegar for a little sparkle of acidity and top with  bubbly water.

About the producer

Perched on the steep eastern slopes of a valley above the Adige river, Pojer e Sandri is a remarkable winery founded by the dynamic team of Fiorentino Sandri and Mario Pojer. The pair are regarded as winemaking pioneers for setting out to protect and revive their area’s local grapes, and produce wines that were unexpected for their region. When making their outstanding wines, vinegars, and syrups, Pojer e Sandri always have the utmost respect for the environment and tradition.

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Pojer e Sandri
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