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Highwire Coffee Roasters Sumatra Roast Coffee Beans

Highwire Coffee Roasters

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This triple picked, wet hulled lot is grown and processed by smallholders in the Lintong district of North Sumatra at elevations between 2500-5000ft. It is a rustically produced semi-washed coffee, where the fruit is hand pulped and the beans are hulled of their parchment shells while still moist. This process yields coffees that reflect the tropics they’re grown in. Crowned Garuda is showing distinctive aromas of herbs and hard wood, with a touch of the classic Sumatra earth. It’s a big and smooth cup that stands up very well to milk, and does just fine black.

All Highwire coffee is sold whole bean.

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Highwire Coffee Roasters
United States
Emeryville, California
12 ounces