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Clover Honey from Airborne Honey

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Mild Floral Honey from New Zealand

Did you know there is an average of 100,000 clover pollen grains in 10 grams of clover honey? That means there are around 5 million clover pollen grains in just one jar of this ambrosial nectar, so you literally taste millions of New Zealand clover flowers (now that's what we call terroir!).

Airborne's Clover Honey has a glossy pearl hue and delicate floral flavor with sweet notes of vanilla bean. A unique creaming process—in which crystallized honey is gently stirred breaking down the larger natural sugar crystals into tiny crystals less than 25 microns big—creates a smooth, luscious spreadable consistency akin to softened butter. Clover honey's mild flavor makes it an ideal all-purpose honey—slather on toast with Koeze Nut Peanut Butter or Almond Butter from Solstice Canyon, stir into tea or use in baking. Or try your hand at dreamy homemade marshmallows made with honey instead of corn syrup.

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Airborne Honey
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