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Chocolate Bar Trio from Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

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Small Batch Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Bars Made in California

So how do two boat builders start making chocolate? For Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor—founders of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate—the jump from woodworking and carpentry to chocolate making was a natural one. Both trades take raw, organic materials and transform them into something beautiful (and in chocolate's case, something delicious too).

Each one of their chocolate bars starts with two things: the finest cacao beans and pure cane sugar. Adam and Dustin work directly with cacao farmers to sustainably and ethically source their beans from around the world. Their goal is to pay homage to the farmers’ hard work and give chocolate lovers the experience of enjoying chocolate that tastes as close to the origin as possible.

The duo takes care in every step of the chocolate making process (which takes about three to four weeks from start to finish), from sorting through the cacao beans and roasting them in a restored Royal #5 coffee bean roaster from 1910 to winnowing, refining, milling, conching, tempering and molding the chocolate. The result is beautifully-molded chocolate bars (that are almost too pretty to eat) with the perfect snap. Each single-origin chocolate bar highlights the nuanced flavors specific to where the cacao beans were grown (see our tasting notes below).

In this trio, you'll receive three of their chocolate bars tied with a bow—72% Belize Toledo, 74% Dominican Finca Elvesia and their Fleur de Sel chocolate bar. The Belize Toledo chocolate bar is bright, fruity and floral with notes of sweet and tart cherries and jasmine. The Dominican Finca Elvesia bar is richer and full-bodied with notes of tobacco, blueberries and sweet cream. The Fleur de Sel bar uses their 74% Dominican Finca Elvesia chocolate as a base and is topped with crunchy crystals of French sea salt.

What’s next for this industrious duo? Well, Adam is trying his hand at curing salami in his garage . . . and they hope to make a milk chocolate bar in the near future.

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Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate
United States
Eureka, California
Three 2-ounce chocolate bars