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Butter Shortbread Cookies in Reindeer Tin

Reids of Caithness

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All-Butter Shortbread from Reids of Caithness

Authentic Scottish shortbread cookie pieces are nestled inside this attractive reindeer tin. The cookies light, buttery flavor and a sugar-crystal sweetness make them impossible to resist. And the festive tin make these shortbread cookies a fantastic hostess gift.  

About Reids of Caithness

Reids of Caithness, which was crowned Scottish Baker of the Year 2017 by Scottish Bakers, is a family bakery located in Scotland's northernmost town. Since 1966, Reids has built its reputation by handcrafting these authentic shortbread cookies using time-honored baking methods and good, pure local ingredients that are free of trans fats—and better yet, no margarine. 


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Reids of Caithness
United Kingdom
10.6 ounces