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Blackberry Walnut Jam from We Love Jam

We Love Jam

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Blackberry Jam with Hints of Walnut

Blackberry Walnut Jam from We Love Jam was born following the discovery of abundant wild blackberry bushes growing in Berkeley's Tilden Park. Being big peanut butter and jelly fans, the decision to add walnuts and spices seemed totally natural. Over the years We Love Jam has transitioned from adding chunks of walnuts to grinding them so the texture is smoother.

This jam tastes like blackberry pie minus the crust. Use it as a pie filling, on toast and scones, or as a filling for thumbprint cookies.

Keep jammin' with We Love Jam's Blenheim Apricot Jam, made with organic apricots and cane sugar. 

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We Love Jam
United States
San Francisco, California
9 ounces