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Baked Fig Ball from Garritano


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Calabrian Figs Wrapped in Fig Leaves

With its fun shape, incredible aroma and deep, earthy flavor, this unique confection from Garritano, the Calabrian fig experts, will captivate everyone at your holiday table or on your gift list. After brief poaching in a secret syrup, luscious Dottato figs are packed by hand into a ball, carefully wrapped in tender fig leaves and baked in a low oven. As they dry, the leaves perfume the figs within, resulting in complex scents and concentrated flavors.

Slice into the fig ball with a sharp knife and breathe in its wonderful smoky-sweet fragrance. Then serve with soft cheeses such as ricotta, fresh pecorino and gorgonzola. Pallone di Fichi’s intense liquorice and caramel notes are also an excellent accompaniment for robust red wines at dessert.

About Garritano:
The city of Cosenza, nestled in Calabria’s Crati Valley, is blessed with the light breezes and limited rainfall that create the perfect environment for figs to develop intense flavor and sweetness. It’s here that the Garritano family has been preserving figs for more than 100 years, carefully selecting the best of the local crop, meticulously following every step of the labor-intensive drying process, and adhering to fiercely guarded family recipes. From generation to generation, the stages of production have remained unchanged, ensuring consistently high quality products featuring Cosenza’s prized Dottato figs.

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