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Garnatxa Vinegar from Espelt Viticultors

Espelt Viticultors

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Red Wine Vinegar from Spain

Espelt Garnatxa Vinegar, made from Grenache grapes, highlights the subtleties in the fruit with soft notes of blackberry and raspberry. This sweet-tart vinegar makes an excellent everyday red wine vinegar for vinaigrettes and dressings. Or go beyond the salad bowl and use to accent sautéed greens, soups, stews and hearty, braised dishes like Boeuf Bourguignon. A heaping teaspoon stirred in at end is all you need to brighten the flavors and elevate the dish to a whole new level. 

About the Producer:

Along the region of Emporda-La Costa Brava, where the breeze from the Mediterranean catches the faint smell of limestone and clay, it is said that winemaking dates back to the 5th century BC. There, rocky mineral-filled terrain, winds from the Tramuntana mountain range and the salty sea converge off this northeastern coast of Spain, one of the country’s most beautiful winemaking regions. It is here that Luis Espelt fell in love with the land, the grapes and winemaking, creating Espelt Viticultors in 1910. Today his son, Damian, and his granddaughter, Anne carry on his passion for winemaking. Anne has traveled the world studying with various winemakers to bring new knowledge and skills to the family’s estate. And in 2000, the Espelts built a state of the art winemaking facility towards the goal of combining old world traditions with modern winemaking techniques. 

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Espelt Viticultors
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