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Dark, Milk & White Chocolate Truffle Hearts from Chocolat Moderne

Chocolat Moderne

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Baby, You're the One! 5-piece chocolate assortment

This Chocolat Moderne Valentine’s Day assortment has dark, white and milk chocolate hearts with pink and red swirls that look like roses whose petals are unfolding. But, amidst so much beauty, one radiant red heart stands out! Isn’t that what love is all about?

The single, crimson red heart is “Baby”, filled with dark ganache laced with New York’s State’s Hudson Baby Bourbon. The white chocolate heart is filled with passion fruit cardamom caramel, the dark heart holds raspberry ganache, while the milk heart burst with sea salted caramel. 

About Chocolat Moderne 

Founder and chocolatier, Joan Coukos, majored in Russian and French at Duke University and received an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill before beginning a banking career that spanned New York and Moscow. On a trip to Brussels in 2000, she fell under the spell of old-world, handmade chocolates and began creating recipes back in her tiny Manhattan kitchen.

Joan's bank coworkers became the first enthusiastic guinea pigs, and upon receiving repeated accolades, she began taking formal steps to becoming a chocolatier, studying chocolate and confectionery arts with a coterie of world-class French, Belgian, American and Swiss chocolatiers in New York and at The World Pastry Forum in Las Vegas. In 2003, she founded Chocolat Moderne with a mission to create visually stunning, hand-crafted confections filled with perfectly balanced, on-trend flavors.

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