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Old Fashioned Fruitcake from Market Hall Bakery

Market Hall Bakery

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Christmas Fruitcake You'll Love to Eat

This traditional fruitcake from our sister business, Market Hall Bakery, has converted many a skeptic with its moist crumb and wonderful complexity of flavor. It is chock-full of California-grown dried fruit, including currants, raisins, figs, apricots, and orange and lemon zest. The fruit mixture in this aromatic cake is soaked in brandy for a couple of days to give it just the right festive punch and good shelf life—but really, this is one fruitcake you’ll want to gobble right away, not re-gift next Christmas. Warm it up and serve with Brandy Butter for a special holiday treat.

Trust us, it is seriously good.

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Market Hall Bakery
United States
Oakland, California
500 grams

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Pasta Shop Fruitcake

This is a MUST for every holiday!
Perfect gift for those who think they don't like fruitcake. And, even more perfect for those that live fruitcake. This perfect cake is yummy with coffee or perfect with a great Port. It will become a tradition for your holiday .