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Principato di Lucedio Venere Black Rice

Principato di Lucedio

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Riso Nero from Renowned Italian Estate

Black rice, native to the Chinese and South Asian cultures, at first seems odd coming from Italy. But one bite of Venere Black Rice from Principato di Lucedio, and you’ll understand why this famous Italian rice-growing estate claimed it as their own.

This one-of-a-kind hybrid—a cross between Filipino forbidden black and red rice and a local Italian varietal (made without any genetic manipulations)—is unlike any black rice we've ever tasted (we even have customers who buy it by the case!).

Grown in the Po Valley's coldest icy waters fed by the Alps, these obsidian grains are intensely nutty, with aromatic toasted notes akin to freshly popped popcorn and a pleasing toothsome al dente texture. Get the perfect rice every time: cook it in a big pot of abundantly salted water (as you would pasta).

How to use

Venere Black Rice makes an eye-catching base for salads and sautés. The rice keeps its rich black color as it cooks which gives the finished dishes a unique flair. For an easy yet elegant side, toss a couple cups of warm cooked black rice with a generous pour of extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon and orange zest, and plenty of chopped herbs. Serve alongside broiled or grilled fish.

Don't take our word for it . . . see what Bon Appétit has to say about Riso Nero from Principato di Lucedio.

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Principato di Lucedio
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