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Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans from LAFAZA


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Sustainable Organically-Grown Whole Vanilla Beans

LAFAZA whole bourbon vanilla beans—grown using organic and environmentally sustainable methods—add wonderful depth, warmth and true vanilla flavor to baked goods, custards and ice cream. To use, slice the vanilla pod in half lengthwise and scrape out the seeds with the back of a knife or offset spatula.

Don't throw away the "empty" bean though! Add the bean to a jar of sugar for fragrant vanilla sugar or steep in simple syrup for rich, vanilla-scented syrup (hello cocktails!).

About the Producer

Nathaniel Delafield and Sarah Osterhoudt, two of the founders of LAFAZA, had no idea what journey awaited them when they first traveled to Madagascar for the Peace Corps. After working closely with local vanilla and clove farmers, the husband and wife team fell in love with Madagascar, the people and the fragrant crops they were growing. Unfortunately, the farmers in the area were struggling to sell their vanilla for fair prices. Inspired by these hardworking communities, Nathaniel and Sarah began to develop a sustainable, direct-trade model that would benefit the farmers with fair compensation and protect the forests and the environment.

Nathaniel and Sarah joined forces with Nathaniel’s brother, James, and together started bringing vanilla to the United States. Thus LAFAZA was born. The Oakland, California-based company first started selling vanilla beans and making vanilla extract and only recently expanded their line to include their ground vanilla. As their business continues to grow, the three are committed to staying true to their founding principles—forests, farmers and of course, flavor.

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Oakland, California
2 whole vanilla beans