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Marco Polo Tea Jelly by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Tea-Flavored Gelée made with Marco Polo Tea

Marco Polo Tea Jellyfrom iconic French tea house Mariage Frères—is still made the old fashioned way from the Mariage family's 19th century recipe. Cane sugar and a Marco Polo black tea infusion is combined with fruit pectin and a touch of lemon juice, and then slowly cooked in a copper bain-marie. The result? A silky, aromatic jelly with sweet, delicate notes of red fruit and berries.

Enjoy slathered on a warm scone topped with clotted cream. Or warm in a pan until melted and use as a syrup or a glaze—drizzle on vanilla-scented Pain Perdu, spoon atop berry sorbet or brush over a fresh fruit tart to finish.

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Mariage Frères
240 grams