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Hot Pepper Bomba Paste

I Magnifici del Mezzogiorno

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We discovered these spicy little peppers on a trip to Italy several years ago. We were hosted by the producers and treated to an epic dinner of one fiery dish after another.  We should've known what was coming as we drove into their property in Calabria and saw rows and rows of flaming hot chiles, basking in the sun.

This hot pepper paste, or Bomba, is on a different level! Simply crushed chiles, extra virgin olive oil and a little vinegar and salt, this fiery paste will really waken your senses.  It's the perfect way to liven up a sauce for fish or chicken, great with pasta and rice and it's wonderful stirred into scrambled eggs. For an even spicier kick, try a little spoonful atop a fried egg.

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I Magnifici del Mezzogiorno
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