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Panforte Margherita from Pasticcerie Sinatti

Pasticcerie Sinatti

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Sienese Holiday Fruitcake

Now available in new packaging, and two sizes!

Called the "King of Sienese Sweets," panforte is a specialty of the Tuscan city of Siena. Much like a fruitcake, this dense holiday cake is packed with candied fruits like citron, melon and orange, plus toasted almonds and hazelnuts and a blend of spices.

Panforte is an excellent sweet to enjoy after a large feast, since just a few rich bites are wonderfully satisfying. It's traditionally served in small wedges accompanied by espresso or the dessert wine vin santo.

Also try Pasticcerie Sinatti's deeply flavored Panforte Fiorito, topped with a layer of marzipan.

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Pasticcerie Sinatti
Siena, Tuscany
450 grams

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Graves
Taste of Sienna

Perfect dessert for my holiday dinner party!

Mary’s panforte

Is a dream. A wonderful panforte flavor and texture is very smooth. Just like the 9 pounds I lugged back from Italy. If you can find it buy it. Truly delicious. Don't forget to buy Mariage Freres tea. I have EROS

William McKinley

Picked up one of these at my local cheese shop. This tastes different from “fruitcakes”, which I detest. Marvelous, rich flavor. I’ve eaten this brand’s “Fiorino” and “Margherita” flavors, and for each would hide them at back of refrigerator so I could have all to myself. I recommend if you give as a gift, call it something like “Italian Spice Cake” so people won’t hear the word “fruitcake” and automatically toss it out. Awesome

Althea Morrison
So good!

Don’t let the term “fruitcake” mislead you! This confection does not fit the stereotype. The nutty flavour dominates and the fruit is a tangy compliment which balances out the honey. The light dusting of confectioners sugar on the outside melts away quickly to release the lovely blend underneath. Delicious, plain and simple.