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Katz Rock Hill Ranch Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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2017 Harvest Organic Olive Oil from California

Aroma: Katz's Rock Hill Ranch Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has delicate aromas of cut grass and green almond

Flavor: This year's harvest of Rock Hill Ranch Organic Olive Oil produced a mild extra virgin olive oil with notes of green tea and a luscious, buttery texture. 

Uses: This versatile, food friendly olive oil is begs to be used liberally. Splash a generous dose over seafood, blanched vegetables or boiled baby potatoes finshed with a sprinkling of fleur de sel. Or, showcase its nuanced flavors with fresh cheeses like rich basket ricotta, burrata and fresh mozzarella.

About the Producer: Albert and Kim Katz, the founders of Katz and Company, first met in college at UC Berkeley. Albert was studying California politics, and in particular the history and the use of water for irrigation in our state - the 'seed' of his interest in small-scale farming. Kim was studying art and design. They moved to Napa Valley just when the olive oil production in Northern California was about to blossom. Albert became one of the founding members of the California Olive Oil Council in 1993 during this time. Together, their passion for good food and good olive oil as continued to grow, making them one of our favorite local California producers.

Certified Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC)

More Info

United States
Suisun Valley, Solano County, California
375 ml
Harvest Date
November 2017
Olive Varietal
Organically farmed Taggiasca, Casaliva, Allegra