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Raspberry White Chocolate Egg from Giraudi


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Italian White Chocolate Egg Flavored with Lampone

Come spring, many sweet shop windows across Italy are bursting with seasonal goodness, including a variety of chocolate eggs. Big and small, decorated with intricate designs, wrapped in colorful paper and foil, chocolate Easter eggs are a favorite among Italian children and adults alike.

Add some Italian flair to your Easter basket with Giraudi's Raspberry White Chocolate Egg. Made with white chocolate blended with powdered raspberries, these large, hollow chocolate eggs have a smooth, silky, melt-in-your-mouth texture with a subtle red berry flavor and spring-perfect pink hue. And, there's a surprise inside—once you break open the egg, you'll discover a bag of Giraudi's colorfully-wrapped chocolate eggs! Packed in a clear acetate box, this chic flavored chocolate egg is ready to tuck into any basket.

Looking for more spring offerings from Giraudi? Try their Pistachio White Chocolate Egg (made with Sicilian pistachios) and their assorted foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.

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