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Colomba Cake Granfrutta (Mixed Fruit) from Pasticceria Filippi

Pasticceria Filippi

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Italian Easter Cake with Lemon & Orange Peels, Apricots & Black Cherries

Colomba di Pasqua (or Colomba Pasquale)—a close relative of the beloved Italian Christmas cake, panettone—is traditionally served around the Easter holiday, but we love eating it all spring long.

Pasticceria Filippi's Colomba cake begins with their family's irreplaceable yeast starter (the key to their Colomba's cloudlike, tender texture), plus free-range eggs, real Bourbon vanilla and fresh butter. The cakes are topped with crunchy pearled sugar and almonds and baked in the shape of a dove, symbolizing peace and the coming spring. This seasonal favorite gets the extra special treatment with the addition of candied fruits galore: Sicilian lemons and blood oranges, Piedmontese apricots, and juicy, whole black cherries.

About the producer

Filippi, a state-of-the-art, family-run pasticceria located in the town of Zanè in the Veneto region, is one of the top producers of panettoni in Italy.

For the Filippi family, doing business also means improving the world. As a certified B Corporation, they voluntarily put every aspect of their business through the most rigorous scrutiny to ensure they meet the highest social and environmental standards. Their carefully selected ingredients are obtained from producers who care for and respect their animals, land, and workers. All their panettoni are packed using Forest Stewardship Council certified papers and ribbons, obtained from recycled materials.

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Pasticceria Filippi
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