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Sakura 2018 Green Tea by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Limited Edition Green Tea Flavored with Japanese Cherry Blossoms & Rose Petals

Flavor: Mariage Frères' Sakura 2018 tea—made with organic tea leaves and inspired by the first budding cherry blossom trees of spring—has a mild, delicate flavor with subtle yet lingering floral notes.

Drink this tea with: Sip this Japanese-inspired tea while nibbling on assorted mochi.

Cooking with tea: Use as a base for a fragrant green tea sorbet.

Words from Mariage Frères: "The new SAKURA 2018 is a radiant and fruity composition of organic green tea with an intense fragrance of Japanese cherry blossom.

A handsome green tea bursting with vitality blends joyfully with pale rose petals that accentuate the blend with their delicate, gourmet aroma.

The canister shines with stimulating colours and a flurry of silver flowers evoking the magical poetry of Japanese cherry blossoms in bloom."

Please note: Tin does not come with the cup or spoon pictured.

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Mariage Frères
90g tea tin (loose leaf)