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Banyuls Mustard from KL Keller

KL Keller Foodways

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Our dear friend and intrepid importer Kitty Keller searched the French countryside for years for a mustard made with the few, humble ingredients that belong in a mustard - namely mustard seeds and vinegar - and namely NOT mustard flour, citric acid, or water! After striking out, she turned her attention stateward and we're so happy she did.

These mustards are made by an American company with the finest ingredients - the finest mustard seeds, authentic Banyuls vinegar, coarse sea salt - and are neatly intertwined with Dijon tradition.

We love the coarse Banyuls Mustard whisked into a vinaigrette for a simple green salad or served on a tartine of French ham and gruyere. Looking for more mustardy goodness? Try the Black Truffle Mustard and Dijion Mustard from KL Keller as well.

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KL Keller Foodways
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