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Pohutukawa Honey from Waitemata


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Monofloral Honey from New Zealand

The Pohutukawa tree—also known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree—thrives in the rocky soil on the cliff sides of Rangitoto Island. In fact, the roots of the trees tend to burrow down deep into the ground, past the rocks into the sea water beneath. This salty, marine influence on the trees shines through in the pure, uncooked honey produced from its bright red flowers. Pohutukawa honey is known for its smooth, silky texture, pearly white color and unique flavor—it’s sweet, well-rounded with delicate briny notes of the sea.

This New Zealand honey shines simply slathered on warm piece of toasted bread. Or use it as a natural sweetener for everything from tea to desserts—whip up a refreshing honey citrus sorbet (lime or grapefruit would be wonderful), make a honey simple syrup for cocktails or try our recipe for Pohutukawa Honey Butter

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New Zealand
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