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Zahtar Spice Mix

Whole Spice Company

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To make their Zahtar spice blend, Whole Spice sources fresh zahtar herb (a relative of oregano) in Israel and combines it with ground sumac, toasted sesame seeds, sea salt and a touch of olive oil. The herbal bitterness plus the tartness of sumac and nuttiness from the sesame come together in an intriguing rich and savory mixture.

All over the Middle East, zahtar blend is mixed with olive oil and served with bread, cheese and fresh vegetables for dipping. Stirred into hummus or yogurt dip or added to spinach turnovers, it gives appetizers a touch of exotic flair. The mixture can also be added to marinades or used as a dry rub for fish or chicken. To make your own zahtar flatbread, simply mix with olive oil to make a paste, brush over pizza dough and bake.

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