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Omnivore Salt

Omnivore Salt

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This is salt for people who love to cook. The flavor goes a long way to enhance meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, literally everything you cook. It is our go-to seasoning for mashed or roasted root vegetables, for dry-brining a chicken and as a finishing touch for poached eggs on toast. 

Omnivore Salt's creator, Angelo Garro, is a blacksmith by trade, a forager and a cook at heart. From his forge in San Francisco, Angelo hosts magnificent feasts for his friends—some of them among the most influential food personalities in the world—serving boar he has hunted, vegetables he has grown, pickles he has canned, pasta he has rolled by hand. Almost everything on the table is seasoned with a special salt blend made according to a recipe passed down by Nonna, Angelo’s Sicilian grandmother.

Just like Angelo, Omnivore Salt is a Bay Area local, harvested from the salt flats of the San Francisco Bay. It’s blended with a secret mix of spices including fennel and pepper, which contribute just a hint of spice, a prickle of heat to pique the palate. With the spices already mixed in, Omnivore offers a brilliant culinary shortcut: A sprinkle of this one ingredient makes everything taste better. Angelo says, whatever you cook, do it the Italian way: Salt by feel and taste, no measuring necessary.

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Omnivore Salt
United States
San Francisco, California
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