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White Corn Polenta from Moretti

Molini Riuniti Moretti

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Since corn was brought to Italy in the 1500's, pasta has slowly been losing ground to polenta in the region of Lombardy as the preferred dish. A dish which can be luxuriously annointed with parmigiano reggiano and truffles or served simply with butter & honey, polenta is a mainstay in our kitchens all year long. Traditional polenta takes time & love to prepare, up to 45 minutes of stirring to avoid lumps. We love the Bramata Bianca, or coarse white polenta, as a side with a simple herb roasted chicken. Try the Yellow Corn and Buckwheat polentas from Moretti.

About the Producer:
The Moretti family has been growing, drying, & grinding corn since 1922 in the town of Bergamo.

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Molini Riuniti Moretti
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