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Olio Nuovo from Calivirgin

Coldani Olive Ranch

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Freshly Pressed 2020 Harvest Olive Oil

Tasting notes

A Californian olio nuovo, Calivirgin 2020 freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil has a fresh grassy aroma with a hint of green almond and raw artichokes . This freshly pressed olive oil is medium in intensity and herbal, with forward notes of grass and green tea. It finishes with a tickle of heat and pepper.

How to use

Top a baked potato with a liberal pour of this thick, cloudy elixir and smattering of crunchy Maldon Sea Salt. Drizzle over creamy vegetable-based soups like Roasted Parsnip and Cauliflower Soup before serving. Or use instead of butter on popcorn and finish with a sprinkle of Omnivore Salt.

Basically, drizzle it on everything and take a tablespoon or two for health—olio nuovo has polyphenols galore. As the Italians say, during olio nuovo season, you should have a glossy chin all day long...

More Info

Coldani Olive Ranch
United States
750 ml
Harvest Date
Fall 2020
Olive Varietal
Arbequina - Koroneiki