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Olio Nuovo Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tenuta di Capezzana

Tenuta di Capezzana

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2020 Freshly Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tasting notes

The renowned estate of Filippo Contini-Bonacossi celebrates another exquisite harvest from their Tuscan orchard. This year's Capezzana Olio Nuovo is complex, with flavors of green almond, tart green apple, ripe black olives and chicory. Bitter yet buttery, Capezzana's Olio Nuovo has a pleasant finish of warm cinnamon. 

What is Filippo’s favorite way to use his Capezzana Olio Nuovo? We have been eating fettunta almost every day, pasta with Cavolo Nero and drowning our soups in it.

Read why the LA Times says Olio Nuovo makes "a symbolically and seasonally perfect Hanukkah ingredient — and not a bad holiday gift."

How to use

Serve as a dressing for pinzimonio (Italian crudités) such as grilled fennel and zucchini; drizzle over greens such as kale, pasta with greens, or a green salad. For an indulgent treat, substitute olio nuovo for butter over a baked potato and top with crunchy Maldon sea salt.


More Info

Tenuta di Capezzana
500 ml
Harvest Date
Fall 2020