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Thyme Honey from Alemany Mel y Turrón

Alemany Mel y Turrón

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Thick & Savory Monofloral Honey

This thick, viscous thyme honey has sappy, woodsy flavor that starts out strong and then dissipates in the mouth. Its bold, not-too-sweet character makes it a great choice for savory cooking. Add it to meat marinades, glazes and vinaigrettes. Also try eating this monofloral honey with a blue cheese like Fourme d’Ambert or stir into a hot toddy for a warming treat.

About Alemany Mel y Turrón:
Alemany Mel y Turrón is an independent honey and turrón producer located in the remote valley of Os de Balaguer in northern Spain. They gather honey from all over Spain — and only from Spain — concentrating on monofloral (single flower) varieties like rare thyme, rosemary and chestnut honey. Alemany's artisanal production practices have remained unchanged for five generations.

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Alemany Mel y Turrón
250 grams (8.8 oz)

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Thyme is of the essence

This honey is so delicious! I use it in ginger tea and it makes it so beautiful in taste and scent.